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Extending your website with third-party tools


Extending your website with picture albums, videos, polls and more

There are more and more cool and useful tools out there on the Internet. No single website can dream of providing each and every service anyone can ever need. Thus, a hugely popular concept of mashups was born – embedding your website with multiple widgets (little pieces of content or functionality) provided by other websites.

Wild Apricot is designed to address key administration tasks for a member-based organization such as membership management, event registrations, mass emails, online forms, website content management, donations, and payments. However, there are situations when we might not have a tool for you (for example, Wild Apricot does not have a built-in polls functionality) – or when our built-in function is not as robust as some other services dedicated solely to this function.

Therefore, we have compiled some examples of how you can extend and enhance Wild Apricot with third-party tools.

Step by step examples

Other 3rd party tools

Delicious feed integration

Zoho Show

Google Calendar

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