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To change the layout of content on any web page you are currently editing, click on the Page layout button:

You can lay out your page in the following ways:

  • Single Column
  • Two columns
  • Two columns, 2:1 width
  • Top and bottom rows plus 2 columns
  • Three columns
  • Top and bottom rows plus 3 columns
  • Two rows plus two columns
  • Three rows plus three columns

Note: For all layouts, there is an additional section at the top for Page title.

When you select a new layout your text and images will automatically switch to the new layout. For example, if you have a page in Single column layout and then change to the Three columns layout, then the text will all be placed in the leftmost column. If you have a page in two column layout and change to three rows plus three columns, the content in the first column will move to the first row in the first column, and the second column will move to the second column of the second row.

For editing purposes, the size and placement of each column is indicated by light dotted lines.

Clicking the HTML view button will only show the HTML code of the section that your cursor already is. For example if you are using the 2X2 layout and your cursor is in the upper right hand square, then that is the HTML code you will see.

See HTML for Page Layouts if you want apply CSS customization to specific page sections.

Available Layouts

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