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Member directory

Setting Up a Member Directory video: 03:09


You can add a member directory page to your Wild Apricot site, allowing visitors to see a list of your members, search for members, and view member profiles.

Member directory page

You can embed a Wild Apricot members directory into another website using widgets.

Visitors to your site can search for members within the directory. Clicking on a member listing within the directory will display that member's profile (subject to their privacy settings).

Member profile

You can control which members appear in the directory, restricting the list by criteria such as membership level or database fields such as city or state. You can create multiple member directory pages, each with different settings. For example, you could set up different member directories for members and non-members, or for different regions.

Whether a member appears in the directory also depends on that member's privacy settings.

In addition to controlling which members are displayed in the list, you can control which fields are displayed for each member and the order in which member records are sorted.

If you want to restrict access to the member directory by membership level, you can place the member directory page under a Restricted access section page in Page management.

Adding a member directory page

To add a member directory page to your site:

  1. Click Web pages.
  2. Click Page management.
  3. Click Add new page.
  4. Enter a name for the new page (e.g. Member directory).
  5. For the page Type, choose Functional page.
  6. Click the Page template list box and choose Member directory.

    Adding a member directory page

  7. If you are ready for the page to go public, click Anybody under Access.
  8. Click Close.
  9. If you want to restrict access to the member directory page to members only, create a Restricted Access Section functional page (unless one already exists) and drag the member directory page under it.
  10. Click Save all changes.

The member directory page will now appear on your site, subject to any access restrictions you have set.

Adjusting page settings

Now that you have added a member directory page to your site, you can adjust the page settings to control, among other things, which member records are displayed and in what order, and which fields are displayed for each member and in what order.

To adjust the member directory settings:

  1. Under the Web pages tab, click Site pages.
  2. Go to your member directory page.
  3. Click Edit settings.

    Editing member directory settings

  4. From here you, can adjust various member directory settings, as described below.
  5. Click Save to save your changes.

Providing an introductory message

In the Intro message field, you can enter text that will appear at the top of your member directory.

Member directory intro message

Controlling who appears in the directory

You can control the kinds of members to be included in the member directory by selecting from the following options under Member records to include:

Option Description
All members Include all members.
From saved search Use a saved member search to limit members to those that match the saved search criteria. When you click this option, you can choose from a list of your saved member searches.

Choosing a saved search
This option will only appear if you have a saved member search. The ability to save searches is restricted to Community plans and above.
Selected levels Restrict the list to members at selected membership levels. When you click this option, you can choose one or more membership levels to be included in the directory.

Choosing membership levels
Bundle: Show administrators only Indicates whether to include only bundle administrators and exclude individual members of bundles. The profiles of individual bundle members will still be accessible from the bundle administrator's profile even if individual members are excluded.
Whether a member appears in the directory also depends on that member's privacy settings.

Controlling search options

You can control how visitors can search the member directory by selecting from the following options under Search options.

Option Description
Enabled advanced search Controls whether an Advanced search option is available.

Show all permitted fields If the advanced search option is enabled, you can allow visitors to search by any of the available search fields.
Show selected fields only If the advanced search option is enabled, you can choose the search fields available to the visitor. To choose the search fields, click the Select fields link.

Choosing search fields
Enable browsing Allows visitors to filter the member list by selecting a particular field value.

Browsing the member directory

You can provide up to 4 contact or membership fields – multiple choice, radio buttons, and dropdown field types only – for the visitor to browse by.

Choosing fields for browsing

Setting the initial directory view

Using the Initial directory view options... can control whether the member directory is initially displayed as a list with a keyword search function...

Simple keyword search

...or using the advanced search view.

Advanced search view

Controlling the information displayed for each member

You can control what information is displayed for each member in the directory. Within the Search results layout area, you can choose up to 4 columns to be displayed, and pick up to 3 database fields to be combined in each column. For example, you could combine first name and last name in column 1; organization and email address in column 2; and city and state in column 3.

Search results layout

When searching for members using the simple search, only those columns you choose here will be searched. Information stored for a contact but not displayed on the screen cannot be used to find matching members.

For each column, you can also specify the column heading and control the column width.

The first field of the first column will automatically appear as a link to the member's public profile page.

Setting the sorting order

You can control the order in which members are listed in the directory by selecting up to 3 sort fields. The records will be displayed in order according to the values of the first field, then any duplicate values will sorted by the second field, and so on. For example, you might want to sort by membership level then by last name, and finally by first name.

Choosing sort fields

You can choose any common or membership fields except multi-line text, radio button, or multiple choice fields.

Privacy options

Both members and site administrators can control the kind of information exposed to the public through the member directory. Members can control whether their profile is viewable by others, and if so, which fields are viewable by members and non-members. Members who have set their profiles to private will not appear in the member directory at all. (For more information, see Member privacy settings.)

Administrators can control which fields appear in the member database, and which of these are viewable by members and non-members.

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