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Personalized fundraiser pages


Creating personalized fundraiser pages


Some organizations have multiple fundraisers raising money at the same time – working on separate projects or in competition with each other on the same project. In this case, you might want to create separate personalized pages showing how much each fundraiser has raised.

Here is how this can be achieved in Wild Apricot.

Step 1: Customize the donation fields

Suppose we have 3 fundraisers: Jim, Mark, and Shirley. Create a new donation field with a field type of Radio buttons – listing the names of the 3 fundraisers – and set it to be a required field.

(To create donation fields, go to Settings then click Donation fields under Donation settings).

Step 2: Customize the fundraiser pages

  1. Add 3 new web pages, one for each fundraiser.
  2. Add a donation gadget to each fundraiser page.
  3. Modify the donation gadget settings to only count donations marked for that particular fundraiser.

  4. Add any other text, links, images etc. as necessary (e.g. personal message and links to that fundraiser's social networks like Twitter, Facebook, etc).

Using the donation form

When your donors complete the donation form, they would select the appropriate fundraiser name:

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