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API V1 calls


Wild Apricot will be discontinuing Version 1 of our API as of November 1, 2017. All Version 1 functionality is available in Version 2 of our API.

You can use the following Wild Apricot API calls to retrieve information from your Wild Apricot database.

API call


Base API V1 call

A list of API versions
A list of top-level API calls for a particular version

Accounts API V1 call

Details about your Wild Apricot account

MembershipLevels API V1 call

Details about your membership levels
Details about a particular membership level

ContactFields API V1 call

Detailed list of common, membership, and system fields

Contacts API V1 call

Detailed list of contacts
Details about a particular contact

To see how Wild Apricot's API works without having to write any code, you can use Wild Apricot's API V1 browser, a JavaScript application embedded in a help topic.