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Adding dynamic content

Dynamic content is content that is extracted from your Wild Apricot database – such as event calendars, member directories, and discussion forums...

...or forms that are used to update information in your Wild Apricot database – such as membership application forms or donation forms.

Dynamic content is distinguished from custom content that you add yourself using the content editor.

Dynamic content can be added to a site page or page template. Adding dynamic content involves inserting a gadget – other than a content gadget.

Controlling the content

Within dynamic gadgets, content is automatically retrieved and displayed. For example, the information displayed by a member directory gadget is extracted from your Wild Apricot database and displayed subject to any restrictions you have set. The appearance and behavior of the gadget can be controlled using the gadget's settings, but the actual content of the gadget is automatically rendered.

For some gadgets, the visibility of the data being displayed can be restricted to certain type of members. For all gadgets, access to the page on which the gadget appears can be controlled using the page settings.

In some cases, the content of a dynamic gadget can be affected by settings other than the gadget settings. For example, whether events appear on an event calendar gadget depend on the event detail settings for each event. Where a dynamic gadget displays a form – such as a membership application gadget – the fields that appear on the form will be drawn from the fields in your Wild Apricot database. Membership application forms will display both common fields and membership fields. You can customize the content of these forms by adding, removing, and modifying the fields in your Wild Apricot database.

Dynamic gadgets can also be affected by the settings of other related gadgets. For example, the forum categories that are used to group multiple forums within a forum summary gadget are set within the forum gadget's settings.

Adding a heading and description

Most gadgets allow you to add a title or heading to the gadget as part of the gadget settings. Some gadgets also allow you to add a description. For gadgets that do not allow you to add a description, you can add one of your own by inserting a content gadget ahead of the dynamic gadget. Within the content gadget, you can add a title and description, and format them using text styles. If you plan to add a title and description using a content gadget, be sure not to enter a gadget title as part of the dynamic gadget's settings. For more information on adding and formatting text to content gadgets, see Using the content editor.

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