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Adding field instructions

You can add instructions to individual form fields explaining how to use them. On some forms, such as application forms, certain fields can require more explanation than a field label can provide.

The instructions you provide will appear on the form below the field.


The instructions will only appear when the form is being filled out.

From the Colors and styles screen, you can change the overall appearance of field instructions – typeface, size, color, etc. – but you cannot apply local formatting (such as bolding individual words).

Where can I add field instructions?

You can add field-level instructions to fields appearing on online forms provided by Wild Apricot. You cannot add field-level instructions to custom forms.

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You can add field instructions to:

  • common fields
  • memberships fields
  • event fields
  • donation fields

You can add instructions to both system and non-system fields, except for the User ID system field.

How do I add field instructions?

When adding or modifying a field, enter the instructional text in the Field instructions box towards the bottom.

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You can enter up to 250 characters per field, and use the Enter key to add line breaks. You cannot use HTML code or any other kind of local formatting. 

Changing the appearance of field instructions

On the Colors and styles screen, you can change the appearance of field instructions on your site. You can control the typeface, text size, color, and other attributes.

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You cannot change the appearance of individual instructions or selected words within a set of instructions.

To control the appearance of field instructions, follow these steps:

  1. Under the Website menu, click Colors and styles.
  2. Expand the General formatting section.
  3. Expand the Form section.
  4. Expand the Field explanation section. 

  5. Adjust the following settings.



    Font family

    Typeface used to display the text.

    Font size

    The size of the text. You can specify the font size in pixels, points, or ems.

    Font weight

    Whether the text is bold or not.

    Font style

    Whether the text is italicized or not.

    Text decoration

    Whether the text is underlined or not.

    Font color

    The color of the text.

  6. Click Save.

The attributes you specify will be applied to all field instructions on your site.

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