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Adding members and other contacts

Everyone stored in your Wild Apricot database is a contact. A contact may be a member of your organization, but doesn't have to be. Instead, a contact could be a donor or event attendee without necessarily being a member. 

There are several different ways you can add contacts to your database.

  • Manually add them one at a time
  • Import them in bulk from a spreadsheet (see Importing members and other contacts)
  • By setting up a membership application form, event registration form, donation form, or subscription form on your Wild Apricot site so that visitors can sign up as members or for events, donations, or email subscriptions and thereby automatically add themselves to your contact database

If an existing contact completes one of these forms using the email address stored on file for them, another contact record will not be created. Instead, the details of the new transaction will be added to the existing record.

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