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Advanced search – members

You can search for members from either the Contacts tab or from the Members tab using a simple keyword search or using an advanced search. Using the advanced search, you can combine multiple search criteria, and control whether any or all of the criteria needs to be met.

For example, you could search for:

  • members whose records were updated since a particular date
  • members who last logged in more than 3 months ago
  • members at a particular level with a renewal due in the next week
  • members from a particular state with email delivery disabled

The advanced search within the Contacts module provides more options than within the Members module.

Initiating an advanced member search

To initiate an advanced member search, follow these steps

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  1. Hover over the Members menu and select either the Summary or List option.
  2. Click the Advanced search tab. 

Assembling search criteria

Performing an advanced search involves assembling multiple search criteria. 

When you first visit the Advanced search screen, search criteria may already appear. To remove any of your search criteria, click  remove  to the right of the criteria.

To assemble your search criteria, follow these steps:

  1. Select the search fields

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    The first step in assembling search criteria is to select the fields you want to search by. You can select search fields one at a time or all at once.

    If search criteria already appear, you can select a different search field by clicking the first drop-down and selecting the field you want to search by. To add more search criteria, click Add criteria.

    From the window that appears, you can select as many different search fields as you like. You can search by just about any membership field (including all custom membership fields you create yourself and other system fields) except picture fields.

  2. Choose the search operators

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    The next step in assembling the search criteria is to choose a search operator. The search operator defines the relationship between the search field you just selected, and the search value you choose in the next step.

    For example, do you want the search to include records with the search value or exclude them? If you chose City as your search field and Miami as the field value, the search operator can determine whether you want to find contacts living in Miami (or Miami Beach), or whether you want to find all contacts not living in Miami (not Miami Beach).

    To choose the search operator, click the operator drop-down and choose an operator. For example, if you are searching for Miami, and you want to include Miami Beach as well as Miami as a match, you'd pick Contains. If you just want to match Miami and not Miami Beach, you'd pick Is. To search for cities that are not Miami, choose Does not contain (to exclude Miami Beach as well) or Is not (to not exclude Miami Beach).

    Depending on the search field you choose, different combinations of the following operators may appear:


    Field types

    A record is a match if its value for this field...




    Includes the search value

    City contains Miami

    Does not contain


    Does not include the search value

    City does not contain Miami


    Text, dropdown, radio buttons

    Exactly matches the search value

    Member status is active

    Is not

    Text, dropdown, radio buttons

    Does not exactly match the search value

    Member status is not active



    Is empty

    Email is empty

    Not empty


    Is not empty

    Email is not empty

    Begins with


    Begins with the search value

    Phone begins with 404

    Ends with


    Ends with the search value

    Email ends with .org

    Any of the selected


    Is any of the selected search values

    Email preferences match any of the selected options

    All of the selected


    Includes all of the selected search values

    Email preferences match all of the selected options

    None of the selected


    Not does include any of the selected search values

    Email preferences match none of the selected options

    On or before


    Matches or precedes the search date

    Last login date is on or before March 31st, 2012

    On or after


    Matches or follows the search date

    Renewal date is on or after March 31st, 2012

    Any date


    Is any date

    Last login date not empty

    This month


    Occurs in the current month

    Last login took place this month

    This year


    Occurs in the current year

    Last login took place this year

    Last month


    Occurs in the previous month

    Last login took place last month

    Last year


    Occurs in the previous year

    Last login took place last year

  3. Specify the search value(s)

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    The next step in assembling search criteria is to specify the value to be searched for. Depending on the search field, this may involve entering a word or phrase...

    ...or selecting one or more values.


  4. Decide on the matching operator (any vs. all)

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    After adding multiple search criteria, you must decide whether you want to match all the criteria or any of them. Click the Match drop-down and choose whether you want matching records to satisfy both criteria (All) or either criteria (Any).

    Choosing whether to match any or all criteria


    For those familiar with boolean searches, All is equivalent to the boolean operator AND, and Any is equivalent to OR.

Executing the search

Once you have finished assembling your search criteria, click  Search  to perform the search.

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Matching records will be listed below.

Saving searches

If you want to save your search criteria so you can perform the same search again in the future, enter a name for the search then click  Save .

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To search using a saved search, select the search from the Saved searches page.

Next steps

Once you have your search results, you can:

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