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Batch API requests

Multiple API requests can be combined in a single batch request. The client application should make a BATCH or POST request to  https://api.wildapricot.org/batch  and pass a collection of requests in the request body using the following parameters.


The following parameters are used for each individual request within the batch request:



IDIndividual request identifier. Must be unique within the batch request.
OrderNumber controlling the order in which the requests are processed, from lowest to the highest.
PathAndQueryThe path and query of the API relative to https://api.wildapricot.org.
MethodThe request method. Options are GET, POST, PUT, DELETE.
Payload Data for POST or PUT requests.
ContentTypeThe data type for Payload.

Each API call must include an authentication token that authenticates your account and prevents others from accessing your data. For more information, see API V2 authentication.


Response fields

The batch request returns the following information for each individual request.



ResultIdThe request identifier.
HttpStatusCodeThe status code of the response. For a complete list, see API V2 status codes.
HttpReasonPhraseA short description of the status code.
ResponseData The response content in JSON or XML format.

Each request is processed independently, so if one request fails, others can still be processed successfully.

Sample response

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