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Blog gadget

Using the blog gadget, you can add a blog to your Wild Apricot site to provide timely updates and information to your membership.

For instructions on inserting, moving, and deleting gadgets, see Gadgets.


You cannot add a blog gadget – or any other singular gadget – to a page template or system page, or to a page containing another singular gadget.

You can also display a list of the most recent blog posts to your site. For more information, see Recent blog posts gadget.

For more information on blogs, see Setting up and using blogs.

Adding a description

You can add a description for your blog by inserting a content gadget ahead of the blog gadget. Within the content gadget, you can add a title and description, and format them using text styles. For more information on adding and formatting text, see Using the content editor.

Blog gadget settings

Using the gadget's settings, you can control its appearance and behavior, including what kinds of visitors who can read, comment on, and add blog posts.

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For instructions on displaying gadget settings, see Gadgets.

The following settings are available for blog gadgets:



Blog name

The name used to identify the blog within the settings for the recent blog posts gadget.

Show RSS icon

Controls whether an RSS icon appears on your blog beside the blog title.

By clicking on the RSS icon, visitors to your site can subscribe and be automatically notified of updates to the blog in their RSS reader. If your blog appears on a page with restricted access, the RSS feed will not be accessible to your RSS reader.


If you're using Google Chrome, you may need to add a RSS subscription extension to your browser.

Show full post content

Controls whether the blog displays the complete content for each blog post, or just a short excerpt from each post. Below each excerpt would be a Read more link that the reader can click to view the full blog post. Alternatively, the reader could click the topic title.

Access permissions

Controls what different kinds of visitors to the blog can do. You can set access permissions separately for public visitors, and for each membership level and member group. If you restrict permissions by both membership levels and member groups, then members will be granted the highest permission assigned to the levels and groups they belong to. You can choose from the following permission settings:

– Read: Can read posts, but cannot comment on or add posts.
– Read, comment: Can read posts and comment on them, but cannot add new posts.
– Read, comment, add posts: Can read posts, comment on them, and add new posts.


Public visitors (non-members) can never create new posts. Administrators in admin view can always view and comment on posts, modify and delete posts, and add new posts. In public view, administrators are subject to the same restrictions as others at the same membership level.


The amount of space – in pixels – that appears outside the gadget. You can set top, bottom, left, and right margins separately.


Within the Advanced section, you can enter CSS code or classes to further control the appearance and behavior of the gadget. For more information, see Advanced gadget settings.

Changing colors and fonts

You can change the colors, text styles, and backgrounds used in your website from the Colors and styles screen.

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For more advanced fine-tuning, you can use CSS customization and theme overrides. 

For blog gadgets, you can modify the following elements from the Colors and styles screen:

To change...



Blog post title


Gadgets or Gadget styles (Blueprint, Clean Lines, Dark Impact, Fiesta, Firma, Homestead, Showcase, Skyline, Terra, and White Space themes
General formatting or Typography

Blog post authorAuthor

Blog (Bookshelf, Building Blocks, Clean Lines, Dark Impact, Fiesta, Firma, Homestead, Showcase, Skyline, Terra, Tinted Tiles, Whiteboard, and White Space themes)
General formatting or Typography

Blog post date and timeDate and timeBlog (Bookshelf, Building Blocks, Clean Lines, Dark Impact, Fiesta, Firma, Homestead, Showcase, Skyline, Terra, Tinted Tiles, Whiteboard, and White Space themes)
Blog post content


General formatting or Typography

Add post, Post, Add Comment, Cancel buttonsNormal/Hover(Clean Lines, Dark Impact, Fiesta, White Space themes) Functional buttons
Read more, Comment, Edit, Delete links


Blog (Building Blocks, Firma, Terra, Tinted Tiles themes)
General formatting or Typography

Icons used on mobile versionIconsBlog (Clean Lines, Dark Impact, Fiesta, Firma, Homestead, Skyline, Terra, and White Space themes)

Any changes you make will be applied to other gadgets that use the same settings.  

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