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Capping event registrations

If you have events with limited space, you can choose to cap your event to a specific number of registrants (including guests). You can limit the number of registrants for the entire event, or for individual  registration types . When the registration limit is reached, registration will be automatically disabled for the event or the registration type, and the event organizer will receive an email notification.

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Once you set a registration limit for an event or registration type, you can enable an event waitlist.

Setting a registration limit for the event

You can limit registration for the entire event on the event details page when you add or modify an event. To do so, click the Registration type & settings tab, then check the Limit registrations check box and enter the registration limit.

Viewing the event registration limit

The overall event limit will be displayed within your events list in admin view.

On your event calendar page, visitors will see the number of spaces left.


Hiding the number of spaces left

To hide the number of spaces left on the event calendar page, add the following to the CSS customization screen:

Reaching the event registration limit

After the event registration limit is reached, the registration will be closed and an email will be sent to the event organizer. On your event list, a message will be displayed in red.

On your event calendar page, visitors will see that the event is closed for registration, and that there are no spaces left.


After the registration limit is reached, administrators can still register additional attendees manually.

Setting a registration limit for a registration type

You can set a limit registration for each registration type, separately or in addition to an overall event registration limit. While modifying a registration type, enter the limit in the Registration limit field. 


Viewing the registration type limit

The registration type limits are displayed on the registration type list, along with the number of registrations sold for each type.

Reaching the registration type limit

When a registration type limit is reached, a Sold out message for that type appears within the registration type list, and the event organizer will be sent an email notification.

On the event calendar page, the sold-out registration type will no longer appear as a registration option.

Registration will continue to be open for other registration types.

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