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Adding a contact profile to another website

A widget – aka plugin – is a chunk of Wild Apricot functionality that you can embed – or integrate – into another website. Using a widget, you can allow members to update their Wild Apricot member profile from another website.

Initially, only a member login box appears on the other site.


The contact profile widget cannot display the social login buttons available from the Log in form gadget.

After logging in, a member can view and update their profile, subject to any restrictions you have set in Wild Apricot.

To embed a widget into another website, you copy the embed code then paste it into the other site's HTML code.

Getting the widget code

To obtain the code you need to embed a Wild Apricot member profile on another website, follow these steps:

  1. Click the Settings menu.
  2. Within the Widgets section, click Widgets code.
  3. Right click over the code that appears beside Contact profile and copy the code to the clipboard.

You can now paste the copied embed code into the HTML code for the page on your other website.

Changing colors and fonts

To customize your embedded Wild Apricot widget so that it appears like a seamless part of your other website, you modify the appearance of the corresponding gadget in your Wild Apricot site. You can control the appearance of the widget by choosing a website theme, customizing the colors and styles, and for more advanced fine-tuning, using CSS customization.

From the Colors and Styles screen...

To change...



Headings on member profile screens

Form >> Caption

General formatting for most themes

Any changes you make will apply to your Wild Apricot site pages as well as your embedded Wild Apricot widgets.

Widget limitations

  • Widget code copied before June 27, 2013 requires visitors to your non-Wild Apricot site to have third-party cookies enabled in their browser. Widget code copied after that date will not work if third-party cookies are disabled for all sites.
  • You cannot embed a widget on a page within the same Wild Apricot site.
  • You cannot embed multiple Wild Apricot widgets on the same page.
  • Clicking the Forgot Password link will take users to your Wild Apricot site.
  • Links in forum subscription emails will take users to your Wild Apricot site.
  • Social login buttons will not appear on the Authorization required system page when someone clicks the Login button from a widget.
  • Widgets are designed for use on other websites and can’t be used on your Wild Apricot website. Use gadgets instead.

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