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Customizing event registration forms

Wild Apricot allows you to customize the fields appearing on the registration form for advanced events. For example, you might want the registration form for your monthly seminars to collect different information than the registration form for your annual convention. You can add event-specific fields to collect information such as seating or meal choice, and even up-sell some extra options to your registrants. You can also choose which common fields appear on the registration form.

You can customize the appearance of the event registration form by modifying the event registration system page.

Using an event registration form

When visitors to your site click the Register button for an event, the following event registration forms appear:

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  1. First, they will be asked to enter their email address. If they are logged in, their email will already be filled in (though they can change it, to register another person).

  2. If there are multiple registration types, they will then be asked to select a registration type.

    Depending on whether they are logged on or not, some member-only registration types may not be available. If they are not logged in, but their email is stored in your contact database, they will be prompted to log in. If their email is not stored in your contact database, they will be prompted to apply for membership.
  3. Now, the main registration form appears.

    Once they complete the form and click Next, the event record is created and they will be prompted to confirm the transaction. If the registrant is not currently in your database, a new contact record will be added and an email will be automatically sent to them with their password and other login information.

Customizing event fields

The main event registration form consists of two sections:

  • contact fields
  • events fields

You can customize the main registration form by excluding common fields – contact fields used on various forms – and adding custom event fields. For example, you can add an event field for meal selection, and another to offer preferred seating. Depending on how you set up the field, an additional cost can be added at checkout.


Values entered in common fields on event registration forms will not update corresponding fields in the registrant's contact record, but are stored separately within event registration records. See Customizing your common database fields for more information.

To customize an event registration form, follow these steps:

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  1. Hover over the Events menu and select the Events list option.
  2. Within the event list, click on the event whose form you want to customize.
  3. Click the Registration form link.

  4. Click Edit.
  5. From the screen that appears, you can choose which common fields to include, and add custom event fields for this event only.


    You cannot de-select the e-mail field.

  6. When you are finishing making your changes, click Save.

Adding fields

To add a new field, click Add new field. For new fields, you can set the field type and change field settings.

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The following field types are available:




Simple text field, used for short entries.

Multiline text

Used for longer text entries of up to 3,000 characters.

Multiple choice

A set of checkboxes. See Working with list fields.

Multiple choice with extra charge

A set of checkboxes, each with an associated cost. Allows you to provide additional event options at a separate cost. For more information, see Extra event registration costs - dynamic event pricing .

Radio buttons

A set of mutually exclusive choices, arranged like buttons on a car radio. See Working with list fields.

Radio buttons with extra charge

A set of mutually exclusive choices, arranged like buttons on a car radio, each with an associated cost. Allows you to provide additional event options at a separate cost.  For more information, see Extra event registration costs - dynamic event pricing .

Extra charge calculation Provides the ability to order multiple items, or to charge an additional fee proportional to a value entered by the registrant. For organizational members, you might want to charge an extra fee based on their revenue, number of staff, or grants they've received. For more information, see Using the extra charge calculation field .


A set of mutually exclusive choices, arranged in a drop-down list. See Working with list fields

Rules and terms

A checkbox with a link to documentation of waivers, terms of use, contractual conditions, etc. For more information, see Field for contractual terms.  


Displays a calendar control that can be used to select a date.

Section divider

Used to group and separate fields.

For each field, the following settings are available:



Field label

The name used to identify the field. The field label must be unique among all event fields and common fields.

Required field

Controls whether the field has to be filled out before the form can be submitted. For all self-service online forms, (member application, email subscription, donation, and event registration), the Email field is always required.


For multiple choice, radio buttons, and dropdown fields, you choose the options to be displayed. Click an existing option to change or remove it. Click Add new item to add more items to the list. See Working with list fields.

Field instructions

Instructions explaining how to use this field. For information on controlling the appearance of field instructions, see Adding field instructions.

Deleting fields


Deleting a field will lose the data stored in that field for all current event registrants.

To delete a field, click it within the list, then click the delete link on the right.

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After you delete a field, it appears crossed out in the field list until you save your changes.

While the field appears crossed out, you can restore it by clicking the restore link.

Reordering fields

To change the order in which fields appear, you can drag and drop fields within the list, or you can click the green up and down arrows beside a field.

Changing colors and fonts

You can change the colors and text styles used on your event registration form from the Colors and styles screen. For a complete list of the elements you can modify, click here.

Any changes you make will be applied to other gadgets that use the same settings.

Modifying the event registration system page

You customize the system page used to display the event registration form by adding content .

To customize the event registration system page, follow these steps:

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  1. Hover over the Website menu and select the System pages option.
  2. Within the system page list, select Event registration.
  3. Click the Edit button.

Now, you can modify the system page in a number of ways. You can:

  • Change the page template from the page settings on the left.
  • Hover over the blue box – the system gadget that displays the actual registration form – and click the Settings icon to display the settings for the system gadget.
  • Click the Gadget or Layout drop-downs to insert gadgets and layouts above or below the system gadget.

When you are finished modifying the event registration system page, click the Save button.

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