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Customizing ArtText styles in themes

This functionality is only intended for experienced web designers


Please read this page before you proceed: Advanced customization warning
Theme override is intended for people with advanced web design skills. Incorrect use may result in your website malfunctioning.
Note: our technical support team does not provide support related to theme overrides.

ArtText styles allow you to create fancy text headings with special effects like 3D and drop shadows. Using theme overrides, you can customize the available ArtText styles for a particular theme.

Once you enable theme overrides and download the theme files, you'll find an ArtTextTemplates folder containing an ArtTextStyles.cfg file and various other .cfg files. The ArtTextStyles.cfg is the main ArtText configuration file, and it defines the available ArtText styles using <ArtTextStyle> tags.

In the following example, there are two styles defined: Page header 1 and Site subtitle 1.

For each style, ArtTextStyles.cfg points to the.cfg files containing the definitions for that style,

and identifies the parameters available to the user when formatting text using the ArtText style.

Wild Apricot's ArtText feature is based on Neodynamic ImageDraw. The .cfg files referenced by ArtTextStyles.cfg are XML files generated by the ImageDraw component. For instructions on modifying the style definitions in the .cfg files (or creating new ones), see the ImageDraw manual (ZIP file – 4 MB) for more information.

After you have modified or created the configuration files, upload them to your theme's ArtTextTemplates folder under the Theme_Overrides folder on your site using File management or WebDAV, then rebuild your theme.

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