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Customizing default membership emails

For each membership level , you can automate the renewal process by providing for timed email reminders to be sent to the member and/or the organization contact. You can also provide for email confirmations to be sent when a member completes the initial application process or renews their membership. To manage membership emails, go to the  Renewal policy tab and the New applications tab for each membership level.

You can customize the membership emails to be sent for each membership level when you set the renewal policy and new applications policy for the level. The membership emails for all levels – the uncustomized versions of the emails – are based on a single set of default membership emails.

You can modify the default membership emails so that your changes are reflected in the membership emails for all new levels. Whether your changes are reflected in existing membership emails depends on the choice you make when you save your changes to a default membership email.

The timing of the renewal reminders – how many days before the renewal date they are sent – is determined by the renewal policy settings for each membership level. The recipients of the renewal reminders and notifications are also determined by the renewal policy settings for the level. The recipients of the membership application emails are determined by the new application settings for the membership level.

To customize the default membership emails, hover over the Members menu and click the Membership emails option. A list of default emails will appear.

To customize any of these emails, click the email within the list then click the Edit button.

Within each email, you can add or replace text, links, pictures, and macros using the options appearing on the content editor toolbar.

To choose a previous email or an email template as the basis for the email, click the Copy from button. To restore the original pre-modified version of the email – the factory default – click the Restore default button.

The default membership emails are basic emails without any layout. To apply a layout, follow these steps:

  1. Click the Layouts icon towards the top of the screen.
  2. Click the layout you want to switch to. 

  3. Click the Apply button.

After switching to a different layout, you can undo the layout change by clicking the Undo layout change button within the layout panel.


Any changes that  you have made since the layout change will also be reversed.

After applying a layout, you can click the Appearance icon and set a background color for the message, and change the font set.

With a layout applied, you can click individual cells within the message and adjust cell settings, including background, padding, margins, and borders.

When you are ready to save your changes, click the Save button. You will be presented with the following choice:

Click Update only default template if you want your changes to be applied only to emails in future membership levels, and not to emails in existing levels.

Click Update email templates for all existing levels if you want your changes to be applied to emails in existing and future membership levels. This allows you to make a global change to this kind of membership email throughout all your membership levels. Any customizations you have made to existing membership emails of this type will be replaced with the version you are saving here.


Only the particular membership email you are currently modifying will be affected by your choice here. Any other membership emails will remain as they were.

After you have saved the default email, you can test it by clicking the Test button. A sample of the email will be sent to you containing sample data – not actual data from your database – to give you an idea of what the email will look like.

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