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Customizing other aspects of the theme

This functionality is only intended for experienced web designers


Please read this page before you proceed: Advanced customization warning
Theme override is intended for people with advanced web design skills. Incorrect use may result in your website malfunctioning.
Note: our technical support team does not provide support related to theme overrides.

Specifying the recommended theme colors

The Colors.cfg file describes a set of recommended colors for your theme. This colors appear at the top of the color picker when selecting a color. Within the file, colors are defined in standard #RRGGBB format:

Defining divider styles for the theme

The DividerStyles.cfg file defines the divider styles available from the content editor. Each style entry is added to the divider image class, so you can customize dividers via CSS.

Defining typefaces for the theme

The FontStyles.cfg file defines the typefaces or font name available from the content editor. Within the file, each entry consists of the typeface's display name and its system name.

Defining text styles for the theme

The FormatStyles.cfg file lists the text styles available from the content editor. Each entry consist of element name (e.g H1) and the classname applied to it.

Associating themes with themesets

The SystemConfig.cfg file states which themeset your theme belongs to. It uses the following syntax:

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