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Email log

Wild Apricot keeps a detailed log of all the emails that are sent manually (e.g. email blasts) or sent automatically (renewal reminders, event announcements, etc) from your Wild Apricot site. For each email, you can view the actual message and its delivery status, and a list of the failed and delivered email addresses. If you have email tracking enabled, you can see the number of clicks for each link. For each email message received, you can also see whether the email was opened and which links the recipient clicked on.

To view the email log, hover over the Emails menu then select the Email Log option.

The email log displays the following information:




The date and time that the email was sent.


The type of email (automatic or manual). If manual, the name of the administrator who sent the email.

Email details

Summary of the email including the subject line and the origin of the email.


The number of recipients, or the name of the recipient if there is only one. Also, if any administrators were copied on these emails, Copied to admin(s) will appear.


The total percentage of these emails that were opened by the recipients. Tracking opened emails does have certain limitations so the actual number may be higher than what any email system is able to track (see Tracking emails). If the emails are still being sent, Sending in progress will appear. If email tracking was not enabled from your organization settings or for the individual event, Tracking off will appear.


The total number of links that were clicked in the email.


If there are multiple recipients, the percentage of delivered emails appears in green, and the percentage of failed messages appears in red. The number of delivered and failed messages appears below the percentage in each case. If there is only one recipient, a status of Delivered or Failed appears. Clicking the email will give you further information on any failed emails. For further information on undeliverable emails, see Managing undeliverable emails.

Searching and filtering emails

You can filter the email log to display certain types of emails, or emails within a certain time period. To filter by date, choose a range from the Select range list, or select your own date range in the calendar controls, then click Apply.

To filter the list by email type, click the Filter list and choose a email type.

You can further filter the list by entering a Search string to be matched. Only emails with the specified string will be displayed.

Reviewing email details

If you click on an email within the log, you see a summary of the email delivery status. By clicking on the tabs below the summary, you can view details of the email, including:

You can use the buttons at the top of the screen to save the message as a custom email template or use it as the basis for a new email.

Exporting the email log

You can export your filtered email log to a spreadsheet file by clicking the Export button. 

On the screen that appears, you can select the export file format – XLS, CSV, or XML – and choose which fields to include in the export file.


The contents of your email messages will not be exported. 

After you have made your selections, click the Export button.

While the export file is being generated, you can click the Continue working button and safely switch to another Wild Apricot admin screen. Once the file is generated, you'll receive an email with a link to the file.

If you waited until the export file was generated, the file will be automatically downloaded. As well, a dialog with a link to the file will appear, and an email with the link will be sent to you.


Before clicking the download link within the email, make sure you are logged into your Wild Apricot account as an administrator, and in admin view.

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