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Using Wild Apricot, you can email members and other contacts, either manually or automatically.

What you need to know

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  • There are two kinds of emails sent from Wild Apricot sites: automatic and manual. Automatic emails are sent in response to a variety of member actions, including membership application, event registration, and invoice payment. You can  turn off most of these emails  and in many cases,  control who receives them and when . Manual emails are emails you send yourself, like email blasts and e-newsletters. You can control who receives your email blasts by searching or filtering your member list or contact list.
  • You can send an email blast immediately or schedule it to be delivered automatically at a particular date and time.
  • You can create your email blasts from scratch, use a previously sent email, or choose one of the professionally designed email templates provided by Wild Apricot.
  • You can use macros to personalize automatic emails or email blasts, including specific information about the recipient, such as first name or organization name. 
  • From the email log, you can view each message and its delivery status, and a list of the failed and delivered email addresses. If you have  email tracking  enabled (which is disabled by default), you can see the number of clicks for each link, and whether each message was opened and which links the recipient clicked on.
  • You can set up email routing to automatically send copies of system emails to administrators and/or other recipients.
  • The maximum number of email recipients you can choose for each message depends on your  billing plan .
  • If you add recipients using a saved search, the search will be performed when the email is sent.
  • Only one email will be sent to each unique email address even if you add a recipient multiple times (directly or through groups and searches).
  • Once you send an email blast, it is added to the email queue, and may take anywhere from a few minutes to a few hours to be actually delivered.
  • If an {Unsubscribe_Url} macro does not appear in your email, one will be automatically appended to the message.
  • Wild Apricot does not provide email hosting service

How do you...?


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 Emails appear differently on different mobile devices
  • On Apple iOS devices, email content will automatically reflow from multiple columns into a single column. On all other mobile devices, multiple columns are maintained but the columns will be narrowed.
 AOL is rejecting all my email messages
  • AOL email servers automatically reject all incoming 3rd party email domains that start with AIM or AOL (e.g. an email coming from "info@AimAssociation.com" or "admin@AolAssociation.wildapricot.org" is not allowed). This means if your primary Wild Apricot  domain  starts with AIM or AOL (as in AimAssociation.com), Wild Apricot will use @AimAssociation.com as the FROM email for all outgoing emails, and all emails to anyone on AOL will bounce as a result for using an "unauthorized IP". To send emails to contacts with AOL email addresses, make sure your FROM email and REPLY-TO email domain do NOT start with @AIM or @AOL. You can check the current FROM email and default REPLY-TO emails in  Organization details .

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