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Emails list

The Emails list displays a list of all your unsent emails, including both scheduled emails and unscheduled email drafts.

To view the Emails list, hover over the Email menu and click Emails, or just click the Email menu. 


To view your sent emails, go to the email log.

The emails are listed in order by creation date, beginning with the most recent. For each email, the subject of the email is displayed, along with the creation date, and the name of the person who created it.

Filtering the list

You can filter the Emails list in several ways:

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  • To show only those emails whose subject or details matches a particular search string, enter that string in the Quick search field.

  • To show only those emails that you have created, set the Show filter to Only mine. To show all emails, set the Show filter to All.

  • To show just scheduled emails, set the Status filter to Scheduled. To show just unscheduled email drafts, set the Status filter to Drafts. To show all emails regardless of status, set the Status filter to All.


These filter options work in combination. For example, if you set the Show filter to Only mine, set the Status filter to Scheduled, and enter a search string in the Quick search field, then only scheduled emails that you have created that match the search string will be displayed.

Creating a new email

To create a new email from the Emails list, click the Compose email button towards the top of the screen.

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An email wizard will appear to walk you through the steps involved in composing and sending your email blast. You can move to the next step in the email wizard by clicking the > button, and to the previous step by clicking the < button. You can jump from one step to another at any time by clicking the tab name.

For more information, see Sending email blasts

Duplicating an existing email

To duplicate an existing email draft, hover over the draft within the list then select the Duplicate option from the Edit dropdown that appears.

The new duplicate email will be opened for editing.

Before you can duplicate a scheduled email, you have to pause it by hovering over the email within the Emails list and clicking the Pause button.

The duplicate email have word the word (copy) will be appended to the subject line to distinguish it from the original draft. The creation date and the name of the creator will be changed to the current time and the current administrator. 

Modifying an existing email

To resume editing an unscheduled email draft, click on its subject within the list...

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...or else hover over the email and click the Edit button that appears.

To modify a scheduled email, you have to pause it by hovering over the email within the Emails list and clicking the Pause button.

Now, you can click the email subject to open the email wizard and modify your message. 

Deleting an email

To delete an unscheduled email draft, hover over the draft within the list then select the Delete option from the Edit dropdown that appears.

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To delete a scheduled email, hover over the email, click the Pause button, then click the Delete option from the Edit dropdown.

Deleting the draft will remove it permanently. 

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