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Event waitlists

Once an event reaches its registration limit – either for a particular registration type or for the event as a whole – you can set up a waiting list of prospective event registrants.

Enabling the waitlist

After you set a registration limit for an event, a waitlist option becomes available. You can enable a waitlist separately for each registration type and for the overall event.

Enabling the waitlist for the entire event

To enable a waitlist for the entire event, follow these steps:

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  1. Go to the Registration types & settings tab for the event.
  2. Click the Edit button to enter edit mode.
  3. Make sure that the Limit registrations option is checked and a registration limit has been entered in the Total allowed field.
  4. Check the Enable waitlist when limit is reached option.
  5. Click the drop-down list and choose how much information to collect from people wanting to join the waitlist.

  6. Click Save at the top of the screen to save your changes.

If you have registration limits for all registration types, and you don't enable waitlists for any of the registration types, then a waitlist will not be available even if you enable it at the event level.

Enabling the waitlist for a registration type

To enable a waitlist for a particular registration type, follow these steps:      

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  1. Go to th Registration types & settings  tab for the event.
  2. If you are in edit mode, click the Save button at the top of the screen to save your changes and exit edit mode.
  3. Within the list of registration types, click the registration type you want to enable the waitlist for.
  4. Within the  registration type settings, m ake sure that  a registration limit has been entered .
  5. Che ck the  Enable waitlist when limit is reached  option.

  6. Click the Waitlist drop-down and choose  how much information to collect from people wanting to join the waitlist.
  7. Click the Save button to save your changes.

Joining the waitlist

When the waitlist is enabled and the registration limit is reached, an option appears within the event details on your public site to join the waitlist.  

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When the prospective registrant clicks the Join waitlist button, they will be prompted to choose a registration type, and to provide the information you specified.

After providing the information, the prospective registrant clicks another Join waitlist button and is added to the waitlist.

From the event's emails settings, you can choose to send a waitlist confirmation message to the prospective registrant, and a copy to the event organizer.


Administrators cannot manually add contacts to waitlists. 

Working with the waitlist

Once a waitlist is enabled for an event, a Waitlist tab appears beside the Registrants & invitees tab.

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The Waitlist tab displays registration information for everyone on the waitlist.


The waitlist does not distinguish between contacts waiting for spaces within a particular registration type, and those waiting for overall event spaces.

Within the Waitlist tab, you can click an entry to view the details of a particular waitlist registration.  

From the waitlist registration record, an administrator can register the contact for the event, send an email to the contact, or remove the contact from the waitlist.  


Contacts cannot remove themselves from waitlists, and administrators cannot manually add contacts to waitlists.

Administrators can email the entire waitlist from any tab on the event setup screen by clicking the Email waitlisted button.

Getting off the waitlist

If spaces become available for an event or registration type with a waitlist, a warning icon will appear on the Waitlist tab. When you hover over the icon, a message will appear informing you of the additional spaces.

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Automatic emails are not sent to either contacts on the waitlist or administrators when spaces become available.

Once spaces become available, there are two ways an administrator can get a contact off the waitlist and onto the registrant list:

  • an administrator can manually register the contact by clicking the Register now button from the contact's waitlist registration record. To display a waitlist registration record for a contact, go to the Waitlist tab for the event, then click the contact within the list.


    If an administrator registers a contact for an event, the contact is automatically removed from the waitlist, but they are not automatically emailed an event confirmation. As with all manual event registrations, it is the responsibility of the administrator to send a manual confirmation message.

  • an administrator can manually email the contact and invite them to visit the event details page and click the Register button to register for the event. After clicking the Register button, they click the Complete registration button on the event registration screen.

    The email to the contact on the waitlist can include the event URL – which appears on the event details tab within the event setup screen – so that the contact can jump right to the event details on the public site.

Contacts on a waitlist can also complete their registration from within their profiles. On the Invoices and payments tab, they can click the Continue button to complete the registration for the event, or click Cancel to cancel the registration and remove themselves from the waitlist.


Administrators can remove a contact from a waitlist without registering them by displaying their waitlist registration record and clicking the Remove from waitlist button.


Being on a waitlist does not guarantee the contact the next available space at the event. When a space becomes available, it also appears available on the public event calendar and event details so that anyone can snap it up.

Video: Event waitlists (4:13)

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