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Extending your website with third-party tools

To incorporate features in your site that Wild Apricot does not currently support, you can embed code from third-party sites. For example, Wild Apricot does not provide support for an online store, but Ecwid does, and allows you to embed code to add the store to another site.

Help topics are provided below to walk you through the process of embedding third-party functionality into your Wild Apricot site, but for the most part, the process involves the same basic steps:

  1. Find and copy the embed code.
  2. Paste the embed code into a custom HTML gadget, or into a content gadget using the Snippet feature, on a page or page template


  • Most external widgets use the http protocol by default or exclusively. If you embed them into a Wild Apricot site that's accessed using the encrypted https protocol, the widget may not be displayed, or may generate an error message, depending on the browser. The solution is either to turn off the traffic encryption on your Wild Apricot site, or modify the embedded widget code to use https (where supported).
  • iOS devices – including iPads – do not provide native support for Flash, so avoid embedding any functionality that uses Flash if you want your users to view your site on iOS devices.

Step by step guides

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