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Member and contact statuses

Everyone in your Wild Apricot database is a contact. A member is a contact who is assigned to a particular membership level. Members typically choose their membership level when they apply to membership through a membership application form. 

When someone visits your Wild Apricot site, the options available to them depends on whether they are a member or a contact, and on their member or contact status. A member can see their membership status on their member profile. A member's status can be updated manually by an administrator or automatically by the system.

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Members and contacts can have the following statuses.

Member statuses

StatusMeaningFor more info, see...
ActiveA member in good standing with full member benefits (e.g. listed in member directory, access to restricted pages, etc).Membership status and functionality
LapsedA member who has lost membership privileges because of unpaid membership fees. A member's status may be set to lapsed if they have not renewed their membership within a certain period following their renewal date. A lapsed member does not receive automatic renewal notices or appear in member directories, and is not allowed to view member only pages, add comments to blog pages, or post or reply to forum topics. Unlike a suspended member (see below), a lapsed member can restore their membership by paying the renewal fee.Membership renewal settings
Pending - NewA membership that has not been activated because it is awaiting administrator approval or payment of the membership fee.Membership status and functionality 
Pending - RenewalA member's membership is up to renewal, and a renewal invoice has been generated, or the member has begun the renewal process, but hasn't yet paid the membership fee.Membership status and functionality 
Pending - Level changeThe member has initiated a level change but is either awaiting administrator approval, or has been not yet paid the membership fee for the new level (where required). Members must pay the full membership fee when they change levels. There is currently no pro-rating based on the previous membership level.Membership status and functionality 
SuspendedA member whose membership has been revoked and now appears as a non-member contact. Suspended members do not appear in member directories or featured member gadgets. A suspended member can apply for membership just like any other contact.Suspending memberships

Contact statuses

StatusMeaningFor more info, see...
ActiveA contact who has not been archived, and therefore appears in the contact list.Archived vs. active records
ArchivedA contact who has been removed from your contact list without being deleted from your Wild Apricot database. An archived contact is automatically excluded from email blasts – including event notices – and does not count toward your database limit. Archived contacts are automatically restored when they log in to your Wild Apricot site, register for an event, apply for membership, make a donation, or subscribe to a forum or forum topic. If the contact is a member, their membership level and status will also be restored.Archived vs. active records
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