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Membership cards


This feature is being rolled out in batches as part of the 5.12.1 release. It may not be immediately available to all accounts

Members can download and print membership cards using the design you create with the templates provided. Once you design and publish your card, members can view, download, and print their cards from their member profiles. Membership cards will be automatically updated as their membership details change (e.g. membership renewal, profile update).

You can include a link to the membership cards as part of an email blast or automatic membership email.

Creating a membership card

To create a membership card, follow these steps:

  1. Hover over the Members menu and select the Card option.
  2. On the Membership card screen that appears, click the Start button.

  3. Click the template you want to use as the basis for your membership card.

  4. Design your card. You can enter and format text, and insert images and macros.


    A preview of your design will appear on the right, using data for the member with the longest last name in the your contact list.
  5. Choose which members can access and download the membership card from their profile. If you don't want all members to access the card, click Specific levels only then choose the membership levels you want to be able to access the card.

  6. Click Save & Publish to save your card and make it available to your members, or click Save as Unpublished to save the card without making it available to your members. 

Once you save your card, it will appear on the Membership card screen with data for the member with the longest last name in the your contact list. The status (Published or Unpublished) will appear, along with any access restrictions you have set.

Until you publish your card design, it will be available to administrators only.

Editing or publishing a membership card design

To edit your existing membership card design, or publish an unpublished card, hover over the card within the Membership card screen, then click the Edit card option.

To redesign your card from scratch using a different template, click the Delete design & start over option.

On the Design card screen that appears, you add, remove, or reformat text, and add or remove images and macros.

To publish an unpublished card, scroll down below the access settings and click the Save & Publish button.

Printing and downloading membership cards

Only members can print or download membership cards. To print or download their personalized cards, members log in to your Wild Apricot site then click the link to access their profile. Depending on your website theme, the link can appear as the members' name or as the words View profile.

The card will appear under the Membership details heading on their profile with all their membership details filled in.

From here, members can download their membership card as an image optimized for display on smartphones, or as a printable PDF.

Downloading the card as a PDF allows members to print the design directly onto cardstock then cut out the card along the cropmarks that appear on the page. Members should make sure they set the scaling to 100% before printing. 

The size of the membership cards are 88.9 x 50.8 mm or 3.5 x 2 inches when printed at 300 dpi (1050 x 600 pixels).

Emailing a link to the membership card

Since membership cards appear on the member's profile, you can email a link to the membership card by including the {Profile_URL} macro in your message. Clicking the resulting link will take the member to their profile where they can view and download their membership card. You might want to include instructions about membership cards in your member activation email

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