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Printing in Wild Apricot

You can print pages from your Wild Apricot site in both public and admin views. In admin view, you can print setup screens as well as your actual site pages. You can also print:

  • individual invoices, payments, refunds, and donations
  • lists of contacts, members, events, invoices, and payments
  • various reports

Printing site pages

You can print pages from your actual Wild Apricot site in either public view or admin view. To print a site page, use your browser's print function.

Printing admin screens

In admin view, you can print printer-friendly versions of your Wild Apricot setup screens.

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To print an admin page, click the Print icon. The Print icon appears to the left of the admin logo.

Printing individual financial records

When you are viewing the details of a single invoice, payment, refunds, or donation, you can print the detailed item by clicking the Preview & Print button.

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You will then see a preview of the item you are about to print, laid out according to your template.

Click Print to print the item, or Email to email it instead.

Printing lists

To print a list of contacts, members, events, invoices, or payments, display the list then click the Print icon that appears in the upper right corner of admin view.

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Whatever filter settings you have in effect will be reflected in the printed version. If the list spans multiple screens, only the items currently being displayed will be printed. To print the entire list, export it to Excel then print it from there.

Printing reports

A variety of reports are available in Wild Apricot. After generating the report, you can print it by clicking the Print icon.

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