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Product roadmap

So far, we have released 75 updates of browser application and 13 updates of mobile app, see Release history. We keep improving our applications. 

Work in progress

To see what our development team is busy with, use the button below. It will show your ideas on our Wishlist forum that we're working on right now:

Wishlist forum - Work in progress

Please keep in mind that we do not promise release dates and we may remove any feature from the work scope any time.  

Have something to share with us? 

We use Wishlist as our main source for planning product changes. The more voices has a particular idea, the more important it is for us to consider in future releases. Still, we do not solely rely on number of votes, there are a number of internal factors we consider when planning product releases. 

Wishlist forum - share your ideas

Our team reviews all of them and comments when we we have updates or questions. 

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