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Recording payments and credits, and settling invoices

Settling invoices is the process of matching payments with invoices. A payment can be a full payment on an invoice, a partial payment, or a payment for several invoices. Payments can also be applied on account – recorded for a contact, then manually settled to outstanding invoices later.

There are two types of payments recorded in Wild Apricot: online payments, such as credit card payments, and manual or offline payments, for payments via check, cash, wire transfer, or other means.

When a person pays online, Wild Apricot automatically records the payment and settles it with the related invoice. If an invoice is paid manually, the payment must be recorded manually and then manually settled to one or more open invoices.

All payments, including payments recorded manually, will be reflected on the Invoices and payments page of the contact's profile.


Donations are recorded slightly differently. For more information, see Managing donations.

Recording a payment for a particular invoice

To record a manual or offline payment for a particular invoice, find the invoice with the outstanding balance then click the Record Payment button.

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The Record Payment button appears beside open invoices in the invoices list...

...and on the Invoice details screen.

After you click the Record payment button, you enter the amount of the payment and the date of the payment, and select the payment tender.

The payment amount must be equal to or less than the invoice amount. The payment tender indicates how the payment was received. Classifying payments by tender makes reconciliation and reporting easier. The payment report, for example, displays a summary of payments broken down by tender. For online payments, the tender is recorded automatically (e.g. Online - Authorize.Net credit card payment).

After you click the Save button, the payment amount will be settled against the invoice, and invoice and contact balances are updated accordingly.

If the payment was less than the outstanding invoice balance, then the invoice will be marked as partially paid.

If the payment was for the entire outstanding balance of the invoice, then the invoice will be marked as fully paid.

Recording credits or payments on account

Credits and payments on account are both recorded as payments made by a contact. Once recorded, the payments can be applied towards future invoices.

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You can also provide discounts which reduce or eliminate the invoice balance rather than apply a credit towards the full invoice. Discounts can be set up for selected event registration types and membership levels, or manually applied to specific invoices.

To record a credit on account, you record the payment without first selecting an invoice. To record a payment without applying it to an invoice, hover over the Finances menu and select the Payments & refunds option. From the Payments & refunds screen, click the Record payment button.

From the Record payment screen that appears, select the contact you want to record the payment for, enter the payment amount, select the payment tender, and record any internal notes.


You might want to use custom tenders such as "Credits for volunteer work" so you can track credits and payments on account.

When you are finished entering the payment details, click the Save button. The payment amount will be applied to the contact's account, possibly resulting in an overpaid balance (depending on whether the contact has unpaid invoices).

Settling invoices

Any payment not already applied to an invoice can be settled to one or more open invoices.

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To settle a payment, display the list of payments by hovering over the Finances menu and selecting the Payments & refunds option. Now, either click the Settle button beside the payment in the list...

...or click the payment within the list, then click the Settle button from the payment details.

From the Payment settlement screen, enter the amount to be applied to one or more open invoices then click the Settle button beside each invoice.

You do not have to apply the entire amount of the payment. If you apply the full amount of the payment to invoices, then the payment will be marked as fully settled.

Otherwise, the payment will be marked as partially settled.

Payment receipts

Payment receipts are sent automatically for online payments only. For manually recorded payments, you must manually email the receipt to the contact.

You can customize the payment receipt , used for both online and manual payments, by adding text, graphic, macros, and more.

Recording payments and settling invoices

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