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3.0 - Released on May 20th, 2009

  • (star)(star)(star) Major change: New 'Contact database' functionality unifies and replaces separate databases previously used for members, donors and event attendees.
  • (star) (star) Redesign of look and feel customization - new setup wizard to select theme & color variation, header background, logo, header title.
  • (star) New theme Keynote (in 7 variations)
  • Over 150 new header backgrounds
  • (star) Anti-spam protection for online forms (a.k.a. Captcha)
  • (star) Ability to change page layouts of existing web pages at any time
  • Change in how Pending Renewal members are treated - will now keep full access
  • (star) Beta-release of integration with PayPal Pro Canada
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