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Wild Apricot offers the following built-in reports:

Financial reports

  • Income report – summary of your income based on the invoices in the system within a selected period and by transaction type.
  • Payments report – summary of payments, donations and refunds, in other words your cashflow transactions. Based on the payments and refunds in the system, within a selected period and by tender type.
  • Donations report – similar to Payments but focused on Donation payments only
  • Event payments report by registration type – shows each event's registrations, fees and payment received broken down by registration type
  • Aging receivables – list of all contacts with outstanding balances classified by outstanding days.
  • Account statement – statement report for a particular account - list and totals of invoices, payments, refunds and donations.
  • Tax summary and details – for taxes billed and collected during different time periods.

Event registrations report

  • Event registration report - shows what selections your confirmed and pending registrants have made for your events.
    This is very handy for quickly determining the number of participants who have made a particular selection (e.g. How many want the chicken over the fish for lunch?), and also identifying which participants might have made special requests (e.g. Jim Dial specifically asked for a vegetarian option).

Member reports

  • Advanced search - Members - To find a group of members by a particular set of attributes - you can subsequently export the result into Excel.
    • Custom reports layouts - advanced member searches show a predetermined set of fields for each member. Custom report layouts allow to chose which fields are displayed in the search results.

Contact reports

  • Advanced search - Contacts - same as advanced member search - perform more complicated searches (e.g. all donors who donated a certain amount) you have to use advanced search.

Creating reports using external tools

In addition, you can also create your own reports using software available outside of Wild Apricot. You can export your contact or financial data from Wild Apricot then import it into software like Excel and QuickBooks, or you can use Wild Apricot's API to create your own custom programs that automatically retrieve data from your Wild Apricot account. To help get you started with Wild Apricot's API, a sample Excel file has been provided that uses API calls to download contact records and other information from Wild Apricot accounts.

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