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Requesting a Wild Apricot payment invoice or receipt

If you require an invoice or receipt for payments towards your Wild Apricot account, you can submit a support request to our Billing department.


Our payment system retains receipts for the last 18 months only.

You can submit a support request by clicking the Submit a ticket option on the support portal at http://support.wildapricot.com.

From the support portal where you choose Billing as the Department then click the Next button to continue.

On the next screen, you can enter a brief summary of your request in the Subject field, and details of the request in the Message Body field. When you are finished, click the Next button.

If there are articles in Wild Apricot's Knowledge Base that might address your issue, a list of applicable articles will appear. You can click a link to view the article or click Submit ticket to submit your support request.

After you have submitted the request, a confirmation message with your ticket number will appear. Keep note of the number as you may need it to view your support request from the support portal.


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