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Saved searches - Members

You can search for members from the Members module using a simple keyword search or an advanced search. Using the advanced search, you can combine multiple search criteria, and control whether any or all of the criteria needs to be met.


You can also search for members from the Advanced search screen within the Contacts module. The advanced contact search provides more search options than the advanced member search. However, the advanced member search allows you to control the layout of the search results.

If you want, you can save your advanced search criteria so you can quickly and easily perform the same search again in the future. You can use saved searches to add multiple recipients when sending email blasts or scheduling event announcements, and to restrict the members listed in a member directory.

Saving advanced searches

After you have finished assembling your search criteria from the Advanced search screen, you can save your search criteria by entering a name for the search then clicking Save.

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The searches you save will be available for other administrators to use.

Running saved searches

Once your search is saved, you can re-run it at any time.

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There are two ways you can run a saved search.

From the Advanced search screen, you can click the drop down labelled Select saved search and choose a saved search from the list.

Alternatively, you can click the Saved searches tab then click the Run button below the search you want to run.

Controlling the results layout

You can control the layout of the search results – which columns are displayed and in what order – by selecting a result layout before running the search from the  Saved searches  screen.

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Instead of the standard search results, the matching records are displayed using the information you most want to see.

For instructions on creating search result layouts, see Advanced member search layouts.

Modifying saved searches

To modify a saved search, you display it within the  Advanced search  screen, modify the search criteria, then save the search using the same name or a different name. In either case, a new saved search will be created and the original search will remain unchanged. 

Deleting saved searches

To delete a saved search, click the  Delete  link to the right of the saved search name on the  Saved searches  screen.

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