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Scheduling email blasts

You can schedule email blasts to be sent on a particular day at a particular time. 

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The ability to schedule email blasts is not available for free plans. For more information, see Functionality by billing plan.

Scheduling an email

You can schedule an email blast on the final step of the email wizard. From the Delivery setup screen – which you access by clicking Review and send (step #5) – you click the Schedule for later option.

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When you click this option, the Send button is replaced by a Schedule button, and fields appear where you specify the date and time you want the email blast to be sent.

You have to specify both the date and the time. For the time, you select the hour and choose from 15 minute increments. The time you set here corresponds to your organization’s timezone.


The time you choose is when the email will be queued for delivery. The message may take anywhere from a few minutes to a few hours to be actually delivered.

Once you specify the date and time, the Schedule button becomes enabled.

When you click the Schedule button, you are returned to the Emails list where the scheduled email will appear.

Viewing scheduled emails

To view just your scheduled emails, set the Status filter on the Emails list to Scheduled. Now, scheduled emails will be displayed in order of delivery date and time, from the soonest to the furthest into the future. 

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When the Status filter on the Emails list is set to All, then all unsent emails – including scheduled emails – will be displayed in the order in which they were modified, beginning with the most recently modified message.


Scheduled emails will remain in the Emails list until they are sent. Once a scheduled email is sent, it will appear in the email log, along with all other sent emails. No confirmation message is sent to administrators when the scheduled email goes out.

Pausing a scheduled email

To pause a scheduled email, so that it isn't automatically delivered at the scheduled date and time, hover over the email within the Emails list and click the Pause button.

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Pausing a scheduled email will convert it back to an editable draft and prevent it from being sent. 

To resume the delivery schedule for the paused email, open the email for editing, return to the Delivery setup screen – by clicking Review and send (step #5) – and click the Schedule button.

Modifying a scheduled email

After scheduling an email, you can modify it or reschedule it. Before you can modify or reschedule a scheduled email, you have to pause it by hovering over the email within the Emails list and clicking the Pause button.

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Now, you can click the email subject to open the email wizard and modify your message. Once you are finished modifying your message, you need to jump to the Delivery setup screen – by clicking Review and send (step #5) – and click the Schedule button to un-pause the email.

Before clicking the Schedule button, you can reschedule the email by changing the scheduled date and time. To unschedule the email, so that it doesn't go out automatically at a particular date and time, click the Send it now option. With this option selected, you can still save your draft and send the message manually at a later date.

Deleting a scheduled email

To delete a scheduled email, and completely remove it from the Emails list, follow these steps:

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  1. Hover over the email within the Emails list.
  2. Click the Pause button to pause the scheduled email.
  3. Click the Delete button to delete the email.
  4. When prompted, click the Delete button to confirm.

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