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Site search gadget

So that visitors can search your site, you can add a site search gadget to a page on your website. Typically, search boxes are added to a page template so that it automatically appears on all pages that use the template.

The search can encompass static site pages – including hidden and restricted pages – as well as dynamic content such as blogs, forums, events, and member profiles. The visitor can filter the search results – which are subject to the visitor's access permissions – and jump to any of the matching content.


Site searches are only available to paid accounts.

From the site search gadget's settings, you can control the appearance and behavior of the search box, and set the default content to be searched. From the site search settings, administrators can control whether events, member profiles, and hidden pages – those not included in your site menu – are included in the search results.

For more information, see Site searches .

Adding a site search gadget

Since the site search gadget settings depend on the site search settings, you should review your site search settings before adding the site search gadget.

To add a search site box to a page on your site, follow these steps:

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  1. Go to Sites pages (under the Website menu) and create or begin editing the page or page template where you want the search box to appear. 
  2. Click the Gadget icon to display the list of available gadgets.
  3. Drag the site search gadget from the list, and drop it where you want it to appear on the page. You can insert it into a section within a layout, above or below a layout, or above or below another gadget. 
  4. After you have dropped the gadget in the desired location, hover your pointer over it and click the Settings icon. 
  5. From the gadget settings panel on the left, choose the desired settings for your search box. For more information, see Site search gadget settings (below).
  6. Click Save to save the changes to the page or page template.

Site search gadget settings

Using the gadget's settings, you can control its appearance and behavior.

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To display the gadget settings, hover over the gadget and click the Settings icon.

The following settings are available for site search gadgets:



Limit default search to specific content types

Controls the content types that are initially included in the search results. Visitors can enable or disable content types to filter the search results themselves. Events and member profiles will be included as options only if they are enabled within the site search settings.

Search prompt

The text that is displayed within the search box before the visitor enters a search string.
Show suggested matchesControls whether suggested matches are displayed within the search box.

AlignControls whether the search box is left aligned, right aligned, or centered within the gadget.
Gadget title

If you specify a gadget title, the title will appear specially formatted within the gadget. Depending on the gadget style you choose, the title may appear in a heading box.


For Kaleidoscope themes, use a Headline gadget instead of specifying a gadget title.

Gadget style The gadget style determines the physical appearance of the gadget. The style you choose will determine the color and format of the gadget title, the gadget content, and the gadget border. You can choose from theme-specific styles and styles that are common to all themes.


The amount of space – in pixels – that appears outside the gadget. You can set top, bottom, left, and right margins separately.

Padding(Kaleidoscope themes only) The amount of space – in pixels – that appears between the content of the gadget and the outer limits of the gadget. You can set top, bottom, left, and right padding separately. If you have set a fixed height for the gadget, the bottom padding will be ignored.


Within the Advanced section, you can enter CSS code or classes to further control the appearance and behavior of the gadget. For more information, see Advanced gadget settings.

Changing colors and fonts

You can change the colors, text styles, and backgrounds used in your website from the Colors and styles screen.

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For more advanced fine-tuning, you can use CSS customization and theme overrides.

For site search gadgets, you can modify the following elements from the Colors and styles screen:

To change...



Gadget title


Getting formatting or Typography
Gadgets or Gadget styles ( Blueprint, Fiesta, Firma, Showcase, Skyline, and Terra themes

Search promptTextGetting formatting or Typography

Any changes you make will be applied to other gadgets that use the same settings.

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