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Suggesting new features

We collect feedback from all our users (e.g. membership managers, event organizers, treasurers, volunteers, theme designers, partners, etc) via our community forums. We collect both specific feedback on features we’re currently working on, as well as suggestions for features we should add to our roadmap.  You can make suggestions directly in the forums, or by clicking the Feedback icon within admin view in your Wild Apricot account.

Our forums

Wild Apricot maintains the following community forums:

Although all our forums are important to us, our key forums is our Wishlist, where we engage with current and future users to collect their feedback on our plans for Wild Apricot.

Using the Wishlist forum

Adding a new suggestion/finding existing suggestions

With hundreds of active feature suggestions, there is a good chance that your idea is already in our Wishlist. Which is why, you'll see a list of suggested ideas automatically appear as you type you idea (e.g. see “Importing events” sample below)

If your idea in the list, click on the Vote button to add your votes to the suggestion to increase priority of the suggestion, or click on the idea to contribute any additional comments and then add your votes

If you don’t see your idea in the list, click on the Post a new idea button and fill out the the details of your suggestion (e.g. category, description, images) and add your votes if you would like to assign them to this feature

Voting limits and notifications

Every user can vote once on any feature within the wishlist. And votes can be added, removed, or moved to another suggestion at any time. Once a feature is released, all the users who voted for that feature will receive a notification on the suggestions change of status (e.g. developing -> released).

Understanding and following an idea’s progress

We review every suggestion that is posted to the Wishlist. If the idea has already been suggested, it will be merged with an existing idea (including votes, comments and supporters). If it has not be suggested it will be assigned to one the following statuses:

  • collecting comments - initial status of ideas being reviewed by our team and other forum users

  • developing - the feature is being developed now

  • released - feature is developed and published as a part of one of our releases

  • rejected - used when a suggestion is rejected and we have no plans to work on it


When an idea changes its status, all the users who follow, voted or commented on the suggestion will be notified. Wild Apricot team makes updates to ideas when we have new information to share, or questions to clarify. For example, when a particular feature is released, we will change its status to Released, add some notes to it and all user who voted for it will receive email notification.

Using the Feedback feature in admin view


Ideas published via Feedback icon are going into public Wishlist forum. This is just another way of doing it.

To provide feedback and suggest new features from within admin view, click the Feedback icon within the admin logo area in the upper right corner. A window will appear in which you can enter a comment or suggestion for improving Wild Apricot. 

In addition to text, you can click the paper clip icon to add a file that further illustrates or explains your idea.

When you are finished describing your idea, click the Next button to continue.

If a similar idea has already been suggested, you'll have the option of clicking the link to the existing idea and adding your vote to it, or continuing with posting your idea.

Unless you chose to add your vote to an existing idea, you will be asked to enter a title for your idea.

Once you click Post idea, your feedback will be posted to the Wild Apricot wishlist forum where it will be reviewed by Wild Apricot's design team.

If you want to help Wild Apricot prioritize the various feature suggestions, you can click Help us decide what to add next.

You'll be asked to pick between two ideas, or else you can skip that set and view another set.

After choosing between two ideas, click  Pick  to confirm your choice. You also have the option of clicking  Pick + Subscribe  to choose the idea and subscribe to updates regarding the idea you have chosen.

When you are finished providing feedback, click the X in the upper right corner to close the feedback window.

Product roadmap and votes

We use votes from our clients to directly inform our product roadmap decisions. Usually, our product plans will closely align with the collective priority set by our users’ votes; however, we also have internal processes to determine which features are added to a specific release – some features require specific skills and developers may be already busy with other work, or it’s more efficient for us to do several closely related features in one release to reduce overall development costs.

The results of planning is added to our Roadmap page. We also update status of specific wishlist ideas, so if you have voted on an item or commented, you will be notified about updates automatically. 

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