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Tenders API V2 call


Wild Apricot's API is intended for use by developers with technical expertise. If you need assistance, we provide support via email or through our Developers forum.

You can use the Tenders API call to retrieve information about tenders – the methods by which payments are received. You can retrieve information about a particular tender or about all tenders within the specified account.

Retrieving information for a particular tender



Retrieving information for all tenders




Each API call must include an authentication information that verifies your account and prevents others from accessing your data. For more information, see Authenticating API access from a 3rd-party server or application or Authenticating API access from a Wild Apricot site page.


The following parameters are used within the Tenders API call:




The base address of the API. For more information, see API access options.


The account identifier that appears on the Account and billing screen and is returned by the Accounts API call .

{tenderID}The unique identifier of the tender. Tender IDs are returned by the Tenders API call.

Response fields

For each tender, the Tenders API call retrieves the following information.



DisplayPositionThe position of the tender within the tenders list.
IsCustomIndicates whether the tender was created by an administrator.
IDThe unique identifier of the tender.
URLThe address of the API call for this tender.
NameThe name assigned to the tender.

Sample JSON response

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Sample XML response

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