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View account history and pay invoices

Wild Apricot offers a number of online self-service functions for your members and other contacts, including the ability for each contact to view their financial history, as well as the ability to pay for one or more invoices online.

Displaying invoices and payments

To display their invoices and payments, a person in your contact database follows these steps:

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  1. Logs into your Wild Apricot site, from a computer or mobile device.
  2. Clicks the View profile link, or – depending on your website theme – their name which may appear in place of the View profile link.
  3. Clicks the Invoices and payments link.


Viewing invoice details

Any record on Invoices and payments tab can be opened and reviewed in detail.

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For example, to review registration information for an event, they click the corresponding invoice to view the details.

From invoice details, click on Event registration link to see the specifics of past event registration.


You can customize the details page for invoices, payments, refunds, and donations by modifying the Financial document system page.

Paying open invoices

Invoices with open balances (unpaid or partially paid) will be shown at the top of the Invoices and payments screen.

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From here, they can select one or more outstanding invoices then click the appropriate button to make the payment. They can also select and apply any unused account credits to the net amount.


Recurring membership fees have to be paid separately from other invoices.

Invoices can be generated in several ways, such as:

  • after completing a transaction
  • event registration and/or
  • membership application or renewal. 

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