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Viewing event registration information

After you have added a new event and enabled online registration, you can view information about registrations for the event. For each event, you can view:

  • a list of event registrants and invitees
  • details of individual registrations
  • summary of event payments
  • summary of event choices

Invitees are contacts who have been sent an event announcement that includes the {Registration_buttons} macro but haven't yet registered for the event.

You can also view:

Viewing event registrants and invitees

To view a list of registrants and/or invitees for a particular event, follow these steps:

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  1. Hover over the Events menu and select the Event list option.
  2. Click the event within the events list.
  3. Within the event details, click the Registrants & invitees link.

By default, the list is filtered to show just current registrants.

You can filter the list to display invitees and different kinds of registrants. For more information, see Filtering the list of registrants and invitees (below).



Check inIndicates whether the registrant or guest has been checked in to the event. For more information, see Tracking event attendance.


Name, email, and organization of the registrant (or invitee), and number and names (if applicable) of guests.


Members should login before registering for an event, so the system can properly classify their registration and apply the appropriate registration rate and connect this registration with the member record. All people who registered without logging in are considered visitors.

MembershipThe membership status, renewal date, and membership level of the registrant (or invitee).


The registration type, registration fee (including extra costs they have selected as well as the amount of guest registrations), registration date, and invoice number for the registration.

Payment status

Status of the registration invoice. If no event invoice exists for the contact, you have the option of generating a new invoice, or confirming the registration without creating a new invoice (and no fee will be charged to the registrant). You also have the option to record payment on all outstanding invoices. Once paid in full, the status is shown as Paid.

You can click anywhere within a row to view the registration details for a contact. From there, you can edit the registration, resend confirmation, cancel, or delete the registration.

Filtering the list of registrants and invitees

By default, the Registrants & invitees tab displays only the current registrants for your event. You can filter the list to display invitees or certain kinds of registrants.

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Different filter options are available depending on the event type (simple or advanced).

OptionEvent typeWho is listed?

All registrants and invitees for this event. Invitees are contacts who have been sent an event announcement that includes the {Registration_buttons} macro but haven't yet registered for the event. Registrants and invitees will be displayed alphabetically in the following order: 1) registrants 2) invitees who have replied to the event invitation but did not register 3) invitees who have not replied to the invitation 4) cancelled registrants.

Current registrantsAdvancedContacts who are currently registered for the event.
CompletedAdvancedRegistrants who have paid their registration fee, and registrants with free registration types.
Attention requiredAdvancedRegistrants who haven't paid their registration fee.
Not attendingAdvancedInvitees who indicated that they are not planning on attending this event by clicking the Not attending button. For more information, see Providing a Not attending option.
YesSimpleInvitees who clicked Yes within the event invitation.
NoSimpleInvitees who clicked No within the event invitation.
MaybeSimpleInvitees who clicked Maybe within the event invitation.
No replyBothInvitees who aren't registered for this event and haven't responded to the invitation.
Checked inBothRegistrants who have been checked in for the event.
Not checked inBothRegistrants who have not been checked in for the event.
CanceledBothContacts whose registrations for this event has been cancelled.

You can also enter text in the Search field to further filter the list, displaying only those records that match your search text (and the current filter option).

The matching text can appear anywhere within the information displayed for the registrant (or invitee) on this screen.

Sorting the list of registrants and invitees

You can filter the list of registrants and invitees by registration date, registrant name, or registration type.

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Emailing event registrants and invitees

While viewing the list of registrants and invitees, you can send an email blast to everyone on the list by clicking the Email registrants button.

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Clicking the Email registrants button can result in the email being sent to non-registrants. The email will go to everyone currently displayed on the registrants and invitees list, so make sure the list is properly filtered before clicking this button. On all other event tabs, clicking the Email registrants button will send an email to event registrants only.

You can create your email blasts from scratch or use one of the professionally designed email templates provided by Wild Apricot. In either case, you can add text, formatting, graphics, and links to the message. To personalize the message, you can use macros to insert specific information such as the recipient's first name or organization. 

After you've sent your email blast, you can track opened, clicked, and undelivered mail, and review email failures. For more information, see Sending email blasts.


Guest registrants receiving the email blast will be unable to use the Unsubscribe link to unsubscribe from future emails since they have not been added to your contact database.

Exporting event registrants

You can export the current list of registrants – along with their registration information – for a specific event or for all events in the events list.

To export registrants across all events in the events list – including past events – display the events list then click the Export registrants button. If you enter a search string in the Search field, only the currently listed events will be exported.

To export event registrants for a particular event, click on the event within the events list then click the Export registrants button.  

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If you click the Export registrants button from the Registrants & invitees tab, the export file will include everyone currently displayed in the registrants and invitees list. Since this list can include non-registrants, make sure it is properly filtered before clicking this button. On all other event tabs, clicking the Export registrants button will export event registrants only.

In either case, you can select the export file format – XLS, CSV, or XML – and choose which fields to include in the export file. You can choose from event details, registration form values – including both common fields and custom event fields – and registration details. Information stored in membership fields will not be included in the export file.

After you have made your selections, click the Export button.

While the export file is being generated, you can click the Continue working button and safely switch to another Wild Apricot admin screen.

Once the file is generated, you'll receive an email with a link to the file.

If you waited until the export file was generated, the file will be automatically downloaded. As well, a dialog with a link to the file will appear, and an email with the link will be sent to you.


Before clicking the download link within the email, make sure you are logged into your Wild Apricot account as an administrator, and in admin view.

Viewing registration details

The event registration details screen provides the complete details of a single event registration.

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To display event registration details for a contact, you can:

  • click the event within the list appearing on the contact's Events tab, or
  • click the appropriate row (but not the contact's name) within the event's Registrants & invitees tab.

You can use the Prev and Next buttons to browse through other registrations within the list.

The event registration details may different from event to event but will always include the same three sections:



Event registration form

Contact information for the registrant.


Event name, registration type, and total amount paid by the registrant.

Internal notes

Information about the registration status and event registration type.

If there are any guest registrations, there will be another section, listing the guests and their costs along with the name of their host (the primary registrant). Where details about the guest have been collected, there will be a link to their registration details. To modify or delete a guest registration, click the link under Guest registrations.

The following options are available from the event registration details screen:




Allows you to modify the registration details.

Add guest

Allows you to add a guest if guest registrations are enabled.

Cancel registration

Removes the registration from the event including any guest registrations added by the registrant. Canceled registrations can be viewed on the Registrants list by selecting the Canceled filter.

Record payment

Allows you to record a payment if the registration fee has not been fully paid.


Permanently deletes the registration, its invoice, and attached guest registrations.


Deleted registrations can't be restored.

Send notification

Sends registration confirmation email to the registrant.

Modifying an event registration

To modify a registration for an event, follow these steps:

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  1. Display the event registration details, by clicking the registration within the Registrants & invitees list.
  2. Within the event registration details, click the Edit button.
  3. Make the necessary changes.
  4. Click the Save button.
  5. If the changes you made affect the cost of the event – maybe you changed the registration type or the number of guests – you will be prompted to update the invoice, delete the invoice, or cancel the invoice update. When changing from a paid registration type to a free one, you should delete the invoice (since you cannot have an invoice without a cost).
  6. If you choose to update the invoice, you can then click the Email button to email the updated invoice to the registrant. An email will not be automatically sent.

Generating registration reports

You can generate the following reports for an event:

  • attendance report
  • event payments report
  • registration fields report

To generate an event report, click the event within the event list, then click the Reports button and select the appropriate option.


To produce your own custom reports, you can export registrant records to Excel by clicking the Export registrants button from the registrants list.

Attendance report

You can generate and print an attendance report that you can use to manually record attendance at the event. 

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You can then use the completed attendance report as a reference while recording attendance in Wild Apricot.

Before generating the report, you can sort and filter the list of registrants to control the order and narrow the scope of the report.

To generate an attendance report, click the Reports button from the event details screen and select the Attendance list option.


You can also record event attendance using the Wild Apricot mobile app.

Event payments report

To view a summary of registration payments for a particular event, click the Reports button from the event details screen and select the Registrations by type option.

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The report that appears lists the number of registrants, the amount collected, and the amount owing, broken down by registration type.

You can export this report by clicking the Export to PDF or Export to Excel buttons. 

Registration fields report

If your event registration form includes options such as meal choices or special seating, you can generate a report summarizing the choices made by event registrants.

To generate the registration fields report, follow these steps:

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  1. Click the Reports button from the event details screen and select the Registration fields option
  2. On the next screen, select  the registration fields to be reported on, and indicate whether to include pending registrations and show participant details. 

  3. Click  Generate .

If you didn't choose to show participant details, a simple count will be displayed:

If you chose to show participant details, the report will display the name, email, registration status, and attendance status for the registrants for each choice.