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Working with email drafts

Wild Apricot lets you save an email you are working on so you may finish it or send it at a later time. For instructions on how to create an email, see Sending email blasts

Saving email drafts

To save an email you are editing as a draft, click the X in the upper right corner of the email wizard, then click the Save and exit option.


A draft of your email will be automatically saved every 30 seconds.

Modifying saved email drafts

To view your saved email drafts, hover over the Emails menu and select the Email drafts option. For each draft, the date of the last change, the creation date, and the email subject is displayed, along with the name of the person who created and last updated the draft.

To resume editing an email draft, click on it within the list.

Deleting an email draft

To delete an email draft within the list, click the Delete button beside the draft. To delete an email draft while editing it, click the Delete draft button at the top of the screen.

Deleting the draft will remove it permanently.

Sending email drafts

To send an email draft, follow these steps:

  1. Hover over the Emails menu and select the Email drafts option.
  2. Click the email draft within the list. 

  3. Make any required changes to the email.
  4. Make any required adjustments to the recipient list. The default recipient list will consist of the contacts you originally selected when you saved the draft.
  5. Click Review & send.
  6. If there are no issues that need fixing, click the Send button. If there are issues, click the link beside each error message to address the issue.
Once you send an email draft, the draft is deleted.

For more information, see Sending email blasts.

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