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Fiesta theme set (deprecated)


This theme set has been deprecated – it has been superseded by a newer responsive version. For information on the responsive version, see Fiesta theme set.

The Fiesta theme set is the first in a series of themes designed for business and trade associations. Though designed with food service organizations in mind, Fiesta themes can be used by any type of organization, particularly if you want to take advantage of its theme-specific functionality (see below).

Themes within the theme set

The Fiesta theme set consists of the following website themes:

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Theme nameTheme colors

Surf 'n' Turf

Garden Salad
Wild Rice

Design elements

The Fiesta theme set is based on the Simple theme set – which consists of the Clean Lines, White Space, and Dark Impact themes – while expanding and improving upon it.

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Within the Fiesta theme set, placeholders – used to define the areas within page templates where content can be placed – feature drop shadows for a clean yet dramatic effect.

For a more modern look, we chose OpenSans as the base font for this theme set, and built our design around it.

Theme-specific functionality

 Fiesta  themes provide theme-specific functionality, including:  

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  • Secondary menu gadget
  • Ability to hide the Remember me and Forgot password labels within log in form gadgets, and control whether the email and password labels appear within the entry fields, or outside them
  • Sticky placeholder to create a non-scrolling area at the top of the page – perfect for sticky menus
  • New button style to display a  link  as a round button  

Customizing Fiesta themes

From the Colors and styles screen, you can customize the colors, fonts, styles, and backgrounds of various elements that appear throughout your site. When customizing the colors and styles of Fiesta themes, you can customize elements within each gadget, including upcoming events gadgets, recent blog posts gadgets, and forum updates gadgets. For details, see Color and style settings for Fiesta themes (deprecated).

You can also customize Fiesta themes using CSS and theme overrides.

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